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New Season Knitwear: Pretty Pictures

Gucci turquoise wool sweater with intarsia bee motif with brown trim.
Gucci Bee Wool Knit Sweater (From See here

In this third part of New Season Knitwear, I look at the trend for intarsia colour work designs in knitwear on the catwalks- and give suggestions for how knitters can be inspired by this trend, including some pattern suggestions.

Intarsia was a big feature in the collections of Autumn Winter 2017-18, (see my article Trending: picture knitting), and this continued in 2018-19.

These picture designs ranged from subtle accents to dramatic, all-over designs, and from animals and floral images to far more abstract splashes of colour.

There were trailing floral motifs at Gucci, roses at Miu Miu, cute squirrels at Loewe, monkeys at Prada, and lips and leopards at Sonia Rykiel.


Clockwise, from top left: Loewe Intarsia mohair-blend cardigan (here), Miu Miu Oversized Intarsia Mohair Blend Cardigan (here), Marni Intarsia Knitted Cardigan (here).

There was a strong 1980s vibe at Burberry, Valentino and Saint Laurent with their colourful, abstract swirls of colour. Mary Katrantzou’s use of intarsia was similarly abstract, but with more crisp, geometric designs that were a little more reminiscent of Mondrian paintings than 80s sitcoms.


Clockwise from top left: Mary Katrantzou (here), Burberry (here), Valentino cardigan (here).

Knitting inspiration

There are some amazing intarsia patterns available -see a few suggestions below- but you could also design your own, simple intarsia pattern using some graph paper, e.g. a single colour flower or other emblem.

If you’d like to learn more about knitting intarsia, and find some more intarsia knitting pattern suggestions, see my article from last season:  Trending: picture knitting.


Clockwise, from top left: #7 Floral Cardigan by Josh Bennett (here), Happy Triangles by Kiyomi Burgin (here), oh my bear! by tiny owl knits (here)

From left to right: 18 Intarsia Sweater by Mari Tobita (here), Volt Sweater by Sue Stratford (here).


For more in the New Season Knitwear series, see category ‘Trending’ or see the complete collection listed in the post New Season Knitting.

Over to you

Do you enjoy knitting intarsia? Can you recommend any intarsia knitting resources or tips for intarsia knitting? I’d be really interested to hear about any intarsia designs you’ve knitted, or any favourite intarsia sweaters you’ve seen or worn!


2 thoughts on “New Season Knitwear: Pretty Pictures”

  1. I really love these posts you do!!! I actually like the Burberry sweater and that surprises me. I may have to try the happy triangles sweater. Wearing it to teach geometry gives me a good excuse to knit it, right🤪


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