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My version of the beautiful My Heaven shawl by Patusha

As the name suggests, this is a blog all about knitting! (See more about the thoughts behind the name at my first post.)

This is a blog for you if you are a knitter or simply a fan of wearing, using or experiencing knitted objects!

I plan to celebrate the artistry and variety of knitting, and to consider hand knitting projects and patterns from a slightly different angle:

  • as part of a wider world of contemporary and historic fashion and other art forms (see categories Trending, Vintage Update and Mixed Media);
  • as part of a rich culture of hand making and creativity (Mindful Making); and
  • as part of social history, in terms of knitting as a hobby and industry over the centuries (From the Archives).

These are all subjects that excite and fascinate me, and I hope I can share some of this enthusiasm with you as the blog progresses. I’d also love to hear from you and share what inspires you about the historic, but ever evolving, art of knitting!


About Me:

2016-Feb 2017 010My name is Jules and I live in a small village in the south east of England. I’ve been knitting since I was about 6 years old, and it’s been a more all-consuming interest since I stumbled across the incredible treasury of patterns, inspiration and community that is Ravelry in about 2013.