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New Season Knitting

Own photo tree autumn
Beech leaves in the autumn sunshine (photo copyright knitterjules)

After an unexpected summer hiatus, I’m really glad to be back writing again.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, September is the perfect moment to be returning to the topic of knitting as this really heralds the start of the most active knitting season, aka ‘sweater weather’!

I have a number of articles already planned, but the first will be a series of posts all about new season knitwear. This is where I look at the key trends in Autumn Winter 2018-19, as shown in the designer collections, and then suggest ways we can replicate these trends in our own knitting. 

Even if you’re not all that interested in the latest trends, I hope you will still enjoy looking at the knitting suggestions and find some inspiration. My only problem with writing these articles is that I end up wanting to knit all the things and don’t know where to begin!

Today I’ll be publishing the first in the series of New Season Knitwear: Playing with Proportion (see next post).

I’m going to link the whole series here, so when they’re all published, there will be a full collection list below.

I hope you enjoy the series – and I’d love to hear about your favourites from the season or what you’re knitting or plan to knit!


New Season Knitwear series

Part One: New Season Knitwear: Playing with Proportion

Part Two: New Season Knitwear: a little something extra

Part Three: New Season Knitwear: Pretty Pictures


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