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New Season Knitwear: Mind your head- hoods & balaclavas

Knitted colour-block balaclava by Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, from
Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Colour-block Wool Balaclava from (here)

In this fifth part of New Season Knitwear, I look at the trend for hoods, balaclavas and layered scarves/cowls on the catwalks- and give suggestions for how knitters can be inspired by this trend, including some pattern suggestions.

(This post was originally scheduled to be published in Autumn/Winter 2018-19. The featured trends are still applicable for the Southern Hemisphere winter of 2019, however, some products may no longer be available.)

This season, many designers seemed to use knitwear to create a cosy cocoon of security, both from the chilly weather and as a response to the feelings of vulnerability generated by the current world political and social upheavals. As British Vogue noted, ‘Numerous designers discussed the notion of “protection”’ (see here) in their collections for Autumn Winter 2018-19.

This sense of protection was particularly suggested in the knitted head wear, such as balaclavas and cowl-like hoods at Calvin Klein and Gucci. It was also shown in the styling of other accessories around the head and neck. For example, at Chanel, scarves were worn as hoods over the head or wrapped multiple times to form cosy cowls, while chunky cowls were worn layered over polo neck sweaters.


Clockwise, from top left: Gucci Braided Wool and Cashmere Blend Snood (here), Chanel Scarf, part of Look 11 (worn as hood) (here), Chanel Scarf, part of Look 51 (here).

Knitting inspiration

Swathing yourself in layers of cosy knitted fabric sounds like a dream look for many hand knitters who have produced an abundance of cowls, hats and scarves over the years-no need to restrict yourself to picking just one cowl to wear when you can double up with another serving as a hood!

It’s also a great opportunity to wear your excessively long, Harry Potter/Doctor Who inspired or beginner-knitter-garter-scarves, wrapped round your head and neck a la Chanel.

There are also some great options for hoods and balaclavas that can often be knitted up quickly in chunky yarns at the first sign of a really cold snap. See some suggestions below!


Clockwise, from top left: Chevron Cowl by Susanne Sommer (here), F627 Hooded Neck Warmer by Vanessa Ewing (here), Robin Hood by Natalya Valyaeva (here).


Over to you

What do you think of this trend? What are your favourite cosy cowl, scarf, hat and hood patterns? I’d love to hear your recommendations!



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